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What we offer...

We offer a diverse range of services.  If you're interested in using our venue to run a course, start a club, or just meet like-minded people, we're sure we can help!

Emergency Relief

Monday mornings from 9am to 11am (Finishes earlier if the food vouchers run out!)

With funding from both State and Federal Governments, we offer food and fuel vouchers.  


Bring your ID and your pension or health card with your Centrelink Reference Number (CRN).  Tell us how many dependants you have and when your next benefit day will be.


Vouchers are limited, so please be EARLY!



NILS - No Interest Loan Scheme

By appointment only

Mount Isa NILS provides fair and safe loans to buy essential items like a new fridge or washing machine, furniture, laptop or phone, and car repairs and registration.

To qualify, you must be on a low income, have lived in your current home for at least 3 months, and show you are willing and able to repay the loan. 


Loans are available to purchase multiple items, and loans can be up to $1,500.  To apply, get together your ID (eg pension or concession card), latest income statement, 3 months of bank statements, 3 months of rental statements, your latest electricity bill, any other bills you pay regularly or statements for loans or credit cards, and a quote for the items you wish to purchase.  Then call us on 4743 4506 to make an appointment!

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Every weekday from 9am

Food that's good but would have been wasted is rescued and available for people on low incomes.  


We collect day-old bread, plus fruit and vegetables. We also have frozen meals cooked up with meat provided by Secondbite, so just ask?  Please bring your own shopping bag! 

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Venue Hire

Utilise our gorgeous meeting rooms and beautiful grounds to hold your next meeting, training sessions, or activities.

We have a kitchen that accommodates training small groups, whiteboard, projectors and screens, tea and coffee making facilities, a wood-fired barbecue, and child-safe yard and playground.

Free on-site parking is available, and our building is disability-friendly.


Referral, Support and Advocacy

We can help you solve the puzzle of where to get help!  Everyone needs a hand sometimes, and we may be able to provide that directly or refer you to someone else.  


We want to empower you, so we won't normally do things you can do for yourself, or speak for you when you've got your own voice.  But sometimes a letter from an agency like ours can help when you're dealing with officials.

Homeless Services

Our shower and kitchen are available for use by people who are either in or at risk of homelessness, and we also have some lockers available to store your most valued items.

We ask that people try to bring their own toiletries but we keep some items available for emergencies.

Unfortunately, we are not yet permitting use of the washing machine by our clients.

Filling out Forms

Sometimes forms can be just a bit too much, especially for people with disabilities, low literacy or for whom English is not their first language.

We can help, but please call first to make an appointment!  The number is 07 4743 4506 and ask for Chris.

Computers, Internet and Communications


There are four computers available for use for free, and the Centre has Wifi throughout.

For scanning, please bring your own disk or USB stick, or ensure you have an email address the scanned item can be sent to.

Currently limited to 2 people at a time using the computers.

Community Garden

We have four raised garden beds, provided by Queensland Country Credit Union, for our clients to use and enjoy.

Come and connect with other like-minded people to grow your own fresh and healthy vegetables and herbs!

Clever Cook-ups


You can learn to cook easy and nutritious recipes in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  

This program is fully funded by the Queensland Dept of Communities, so it is completely FREE and transport is provided where necessary.

Currently limited to a maximum of 5 people in the kitchen.

Share the Dignity


With funding from the Queensland Government, Share the Dignity have provided us with a machine that dispenses period packs of two sanitary napkins and six tampons.  These are free, however the machine will only dispense one pack every ten minutes.

Tax Help


Tax Help is a free service that helps low-income earners lodge their tax return online and is available until 30 November this year. Check the ATO website to see if you are eligible: 


Donations hub


So they no longer fit, or you just never wear them anymore - tidy up your closet and bring in those clothes and shoes for a new lease on life!  We accept donated items and provide free access to some of the most marginalised people in our community.  Please ensure items are washed and presentable.